Our Founder

bee2beemart is a brand of Whetstone cg Pvt Ltd company into Software development and Training started in 2001 with a vision to give best & innovative solutions for our customers. We have worked with leading IT companies, Government Sectors & all major industry verticals

bee2beemart is an online b2b,b2c marketplace for Indian authentic Customizable & Unique products developed by Indian Owned Business with utmost care & earthly or desi touch.


Jayanthi K Rao

Founder & Director

bee2beemart ‘s founder & CEO Jayanti. Rao has more than two decades of experience in Business Development & Technical areas and worked with top notch IT companies like PCL, Subex, ORG Infomatics & startup companies etc.

She bring in her experience in ecommerce technologies to create an ecommerce platform for Indian owned businesses to grow and scale exponentially by introducing their products/services to digital world.

Her strong Business development background help our sellers/associates to adapt very innovative & scalable business plans & strategies for their businesses.