A legacy of a mom

Legacy of a mom…..! What does it sounds like? Mom is a mom. Love, care, affection, support, being with you always! Mom is a person no matter a boy or girl learns everything for the 1st time in their childhood. Mom is the 1st GURU of our lives. Mom is someone who gives us the lessons to carry forward it throughout the life that makes us survive & sustain happily! No matter how many siblings you are, how many are bros & how many are sis.. ! She’s never partial. Early days in your life are crucial when mom makes walk early steps of your life!

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Living with Purpose

Life is a wonderful thing that one has got as a gift from the God. What a wonderful life this is! All things you have got without asking God for! That's amazing! That is the love of God & the love of nature! But what are you doing with this wonderful life? What are you doing right at this moment? What are you doing with all the education and qualification you have got after years and years of study? What are you going to do for not just living but really living life in a true sense!

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True Direction

As you have landed up on this page, you must be having great ideas in your mind...! Ideas to make more money, ideas to make your business more successful, ideas to sell your products online! Do you dream to become successful entrepreneur? If yes, and you are searching tips for that and have landed up on this page; then you have landed on the perfectly right page..! Something which is made just for you! We completely agree to the fact that your efforts should be properly directed in the right direction! Your efforts, consistency, hard work and smart work go if goes in a wrong direction, then everything goes in vain!

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Are you doing good and running good business locally? So, why not to have a good online profile? We, eVibha will add it for you! We will add grace, prestige and status to your profile by making your business online. It is the demand of time to go online.Understanding the timely demands, keeping you updated, making you stand in the race of competition and advances in technology is what eVibha is promised to do for you. Joining hands together for women empowerment's the matter of pride, prestige and honour for all of us.

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